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carly (she|they) is a maker, creator, and emerging artist who centers playfulness, harmony, and connectedness through her exploration of color, vibrant mark making, and joyful abstraction. She finds inspiration in philosophy, queerness, and the way nature gives frameworks for resilient and regenerative systems that we only need to listen for in order to find and become a part of. carly's influences stem from folk art, impressionism, feminist & queer rhetoric, and artists like Baya Mahieddine, Thomas Blackshear, and Carol Grigg to name a few.

carly left their corporate job in 2023 to pursue art and making full time.

when not actively painting, she has a thirst for learning new things and obscure facts, collecting shiny things, reading, playing ping pong, and watching the trees sway. carly earned her BFA in Digital Media and Design from the University of Connecticut in 2020. she works from her home studio based in central connecticut.

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